A Brief History

Geo-Western is a Utah based geophysical consulting and instrument manufacturing firm with offices located in Sandy City at 8156 South 535 East.

The parent company, Westex Inc., was incorporated in 1967 to conduct mining operations in Western Utah. During that same year, Geo-Western was acquired by the company. Geo-Western manufactures induced polarization equipment, power supplies, transient EM and other equipment related to the mineral exploration industry.

The majority of Geo-Western field activities since 1967 have involved projects in the precious and base metals industries. Other activities include experience in coal, oil, and groundwater investigations for domestic and overseas locations.

Major field services provided by Geo-Western include induced polarization, resistivity, ground magnetics, and time-domain electromagnetics. Other services include down hole I.P., VLF, and self potential surveys.

A partial list of clients we’ve served-accompanied by project location, target resource, and method employed-is available for your review. Also, a list of firms that have purchased Geo-Western equipment is available.